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How does laser tattoo removal treatment work?

When you get a tattoo, large ink particles are placed under the skin using a small group of needles. These ink particles are too large to be broken down by the body’s natural regenerative process which results in the permanent mark.

Laser tattoo removal works by emitting a highly concentrated pulsed light beam that hits the tattoo causing a small shockwave effect.

This shockwave fragments the ink particles into smaller pieces that are then identified as foreign objects by the body’s immune system and removed by antibody cells.

The laser can feel like a small pinch when it hits the skin, but is generally less painful than a tattoo needle and rarely causes bleeding, scarring or burns. The full laser tattoo removal treatment can take several sessions, depending on the size of the area being treated, but you can start to see results after the first visit.

What can I expect from my laser tattoo removal treatment?

The treatment starts with a 30-minute consultation with our BMLA qualified staff, where we will discuss your skin type, tattoo and the correct treatment for your specific needs. A patch test will then be carried out, consisting of a small area of your tattoo being hit by varying wavelengths of the laser beam. This is to ensure that you will have no abnormal reaction to the laser removal treatment.

If the patch test works with no complications, then the full tattoo removal treatment will begin a week later. These appointments last between 5-30 minutes and are spaced 4-6 weeks apart allowing the body to remove the ink naturally.

Price guide per treatment

Prices can vary depending on the size of the tattoo, but small tattoo removal starts at just £50. Our full price guide is below:

Price Guide Per Treatment
Area Size Price
Patch test n/a £30
Very small 1-5cm £50
Small 5-10cm £70
Medium 10-15cm £90
Large 15-20cm £100

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