Inked Under The Influence: Why Drunk Tattoos Shouldn’t Be Legal

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Inked Under The Influence: Why Drunk Tattoos Shouldn’t Be Legal

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So we’ve all seen the joke, from The Simpsons to Red Dwarf — someone gets drunk and wakes up with a new tattoo. But while it might be funny for about ten minutes, the prospect of a lifetime with a tattoo got in a drunken stupor doesn’t raise many smiles…

Fortunately, regrettable tattoos can now be easily removed. Twenty years ago it wasn’t that easy! Although many would file drunk tattoos as the drinker’s fault, there are a load of reasons why alcohol and tattoos just shouldn’t mix.

Legal Consent (And Why You Can’t)

The first issue with drunk tattooing is that legally it is not possible for you to give consent. Any reputable shop should have you sign a liability waiver and a consent form, neither of which can be signed under the influence of anything intoxicating, legal or illegal. If you are inebriated you are definitely not in the proper mindset to make a decision that will, in a big or small way, affect the rest of your life. Any decent establishment should turn you away and tell you to come back when you’re sober — but decent establishments are few and far between.

Tattoo parlours in other countries may not follow these regulations: don’t assume that just because they’ve agreed to tattoo you it will all go fine.

Drinking and Inking: Don’t Do It.

Drinking alcohol can have a significant negative effect on the tattooing process. If you have been drinking alcohol up to 24 hours prior to having your tattoo, even if at the time of tattooing you are sober, you will be bleeding far more during the tattooing process. As well as creating a You are also less likely to pay attention to the aftercare procedure, leading to a much higher risk of infection and all of the unpleasant complications that involves. See our blog “Is My Tattoo Infected? (and what to do if it is!)” for more details..

No matter how good your artist is, and if they’re tattooing you drunk, I wouldn’t rely on their professionalism, it isn’t easy to do high quality work on someone who is drunk and bleeding.
difficult working environment for your tattooist, the bleeding will thin out the ink, fading your tattoo and causing irregularities and light patches. If you’ve been drinking because you’re worried about the pain, you should be more worried about the fact that you’ll need a second session to have your tattoo repaired once it has healed

On Prescription Medication? It’s Best To Wait.

Although it is perfectly legal to tattoo a customer who is on prescription medication, you should avoid being tattooed without seeking the advice of your doctor. Although many medications will be fine, several thin the blood in a similar way to alcohol with the health risks this carries.

The most obviously risky medication is anything that thins the blood, including aspirin. If it is safe for you to do so (and the tattoo is that important to you), consult your doctor to see whether it is possible for you to decrease or stop your medication prior to having your tattoo.

Any skin medication, especially anything to treat acne, will affect your tattoo in a different way. You should wait six months after the end of your medication to have any tattooing or piercing done to avoid the risk of serious scarring and other complications. Other health conditions to watch out for include anaemia and high blood pressure.

If you’re going to get inked, have it done in a sober and sterile environment. If you’ve already made one of those drunken mistakes then we’re on hand to save the day.


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