July 12, 2016
tattoo of a map with special meaning to owner

Why Your Tattoo Should Be Meaningful to You

With 14% of people regretting their tattoo in the UK, having a tattoo done isn’t a choice to be taken lightly.   The best and least […]
June 10, 2016
amateur tweety and bird tattoo

Why You Shouldn’t Let an Amateur Do Your Tattoo

It might be cheaper than seeing a professional, but the costs of being tattooed by an amateur tattooist are far higher than you think.   You […]
February 16, 2016
bad spider tattoo on face

11 Common Tattoo Mistakes That You’ll Regret Forever

Luckily with new technological advances a bad tattoo needn’t be forever, but if you’re in the market for a new tattoo, bear these thirteen things in […]
February 16, 2016
bad chest tattoo est 1995

Inked Under The Influence: Why Drunk Tattoos Shouldn’t Be Legal

So we’ve all seen the joke, from The Simpsons to Red Dwarf — someone gets drunk and wakes up with a new tattoo. But while it […]