11 Common Tattoo Mistakes That You’ll Regret Forever

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11 Common Tattoo Mistakes That You’ll Regret Forever

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Luckily with new technological advances a bad tattoo needn’t be forever, but if you’re in the market for a new tattoo, bear these thirteen things in mind!

According to YouGov, 38% of people that get a tattoo before the age of 21 regret the decision. To reduce the chances that you’ll find yourself in that unlucky position, read our advice on thinking through your tattoo.

1. Getting Tattooed as a Teenager

If you are young and want a cartoon character inked on your shoulder, think about how your dad would look with that tattoo. Nobody is the same as an adult as they are as a teenager and the tattoo you got at fifteen will probably not fit your lifestyle at forty. Your skin will age and your tattoo will age with it and you might find yourself thinking about tattoo removal. There’s no rush to get tattooed, take your time and think long and hard about that cartoon character.

2. Getting The Wrong Artist For Your Tattoo

There are many different types of tattoos. Some types are harder to perfect and maintain, such as watercolour tattoos. Know what types your tattoo artist specialises in and be familiar with their portfolio; if you can, talk to their customers who have designs that have had time to age to see what’s in store for you. You might have a great design in mind, but the wrong tattooist may leave you with a result that’s kinda lame, or worse, devastating.

3. Coming Away With A Bargain

Watch out for bargain basement tattooists. Although good tattooists may offer discounts for block-booking several sessions or for regular customers, there are some bad eggs inking out there too. This ink will be on your skin forever and it’s great art that you want, not the memory of the bargain price you paid.

“Good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good. Far too many times, people choose an artist based on price. That should be the last priority on your list when it comes to getting a tattoo.” – Kat Von D, LA Ink.

4. Name Tattoos

Tattooing the name of a person that is not your child is not the one. Honestly, your other half probably doesn’t want you to get a tattoo of their name and if that’s the case, they won’t be swooning over you for it. You might be crazy in love right now, but nobody knows what the future holds and you might feel differently about your tattoo — and your partner — five years down the line.

5. Not Thinking About Development

Large tattoos such as sleeves or back pieces are often (and definitely should be!) very expensive and take a long time to complete. If you can’t afford to have the whole tattoo finished in one session, make sure you’re happy with the line art and have agreed the progression with your tattoo artist —  there’s nothing worse than being stuck with a tattoo that’s half filled in for a couple of years.

6. Not Checking Your Spelling

It sounds obvious but omg, get the spelling right. The font can be elegant and the spacing beautiful but ‘Belive’ is still ‘Believe’ with a missing letter.

7. Being a Practice Canvas

So your friend is training to be a tattoo artist and so far they’ve tattooed several pigs’ feet and they’re just moving onto human subjects. Are you sure you want to be their first? Letting them practise is kind of you, but unless you’re planning a block tattoo and you don’t mind a little shaky work underneath it’s probably not a good idea.

8. Getting a Quick Cover Up

Want to get rid of a tattoo and thinking about having a cover up done? You should be taking the same amount of time to think about it as you would for any tattoo. Would combining laser tattoo removal with a well-designed cover up be a better option? Sometimes cover ups work really well but sometimes you’re left with another, larger tattoo that will need fixing later on. Think about it first.

9. Drinking and Inking

Drinking 24 hours before a tattoo guarantees that you will bleed a lot more and that means shoddy tattoo legally you cannot consent to be tattooed whilst under the influence. A tattoo is a decision you should make after a long period of thought and consideration, not at the end of a night of binge drinking. See our blog ‘Inked under the Influence’ for more details of the risks. It goes without saying that you should never let anyone tattoo you while they are drunk either.

10. Not Getting What You Want

Don’t end up letting a tattooist do what he/she wants rather than what you want. You are the one that is going to wear it so think for yourself. Spend some sessions with your tattooist laying out exactly what you want, what size you want it and which colours you like.

If in the middle of tattoo session you see that something is going wrong, don’t wait for it to be finished, ask what they’re doing. Worst case scenario you’ll learn something about the tattooing process, best case scenario you’ll avert a major catastrophe. If it keeps getting worse, then get up from that chair and slowly walk towards the door, then run…

11. Getting a Highly Visible Tattoo Without Thinking About How It Will Affect Your Life

The biggest regret some people have about their tattoos is how visible they are. This often depends on your profession; Justin Beiber can get away with a highly visible neck tattoo, but you might have issues if you work in a law firm. How will it affect your current job or your career prospects? Make sure your tattoo is right for your lifestyle. If you’re having a facial tattoo, bear in mind that that will change you forever.

Before making any rash decisions to get art on your body, mull it over properly. Have a cooling-off period after the design is finalised. Print it out and have it with you somewhere visible for a year. If you still love the design at the end of the year, go for it. I mean, check out this guy who thought about his tattoo for two years before doing it. It looks awesome and it’s exactly what he wanted.

If you already succumbed to one of these 11 tattoo mistakes, Clean Start Tattoo Removal offers a professional laser tattoo removal service in Epsom, Surrey. We use only the latest and most advanced laser technology to achieve the best results and ensure that tattoos no longer need to be permanent. Want your tattoo removed? Call us for a quote.

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